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How to be a Pallbearer

Pallbearing is a ceremonial process in which the coffin is carried to the church from the hearse and then again, from the hearse to the final resting place. In some cases it forms part of a procession where others will follow, typically, signifies the beginning of a funeral. It is rare for the deceased to […]

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Does my pet need a funeral?

Is a cardboard box buried at the bottom of the garden not enough anymore? While the average cost for funerals is rising, and bespoke funerals are on the up, do our pets really want the same treatment? Or are we just being told that’s what they want? Statistics from the RSPCA in conjunction with the […]

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Where can I get bereavement support?

What kind of grief support is out there? Grief affects people in different ways – there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. You may find it helpful to grieve with other people, or you might prefer to spend time one-to-one with a professional. There are lots of ways of getting support at […]

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How do we talk about death?

How do we talk about death? Does the language we use when we talk about death shape the way we deal with it? In ‘Public Opinion on Death and Dying’, a 2016 survey by Dying Matters, just under half of those interviewed thought that discussing death ‘made it feel closer’. No wonder, then, that we […]

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How to write an obituary

Delivering bad news can be tough, but somebody has to do it. In some cases, a death may be under such circumstances that an obituary is going to be required. The role of an obituary is in its layers. While the outer shell is to inform, to celebrate life is at its core. As NY Times […]

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Going Green

Planning an eco-friendly funeral Like solar panels and succulent house plants, making sure your funeral will be kind on the environment is just another lifestyle choice that’s gaining popularity. But even if we’d like to, due to the law in the UK, we can’t all be wrapped up in a biodegradable sheet and tossed on […]

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