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"No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away"

- Terry Pratchett

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Wouldn't it be cool to be remembered forever?

With Iternal we bring every unique story to life! Helping you to be remembered just how you want to be and to share your memories with those you invite to join you. Pass on those special moments, safely and securely with Iternal. 

Farewell Wishes

Farewell Wishes is a free online service that we’ve built with the sole purpose of helping you record your funeral preferences. 

• Ten quick and easy questions
• It’s 100% free with no login or commitments
• It takes 3 minutes


"Forever isn't for everyone. Is forever for you?"

- Arctic Monkeys

What is Digital Death?

Digital death is all about what happens to your online life after you die.
Just think about how much of your life is online right now with things like:

Emails .  Photos . Social Media
Online shopping accounts like Amazon or Asda
Entertainment services like Netflix or Youtube

This information will outlive you and could misrepresent you forever or worse, it could get hacked!  

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We’re Bristol born and bred

And we’re proud of it! We think Bristol’s the greatest city in the world, the home of Banksy and the birthplace of the bungee jump.

We're a dynamic team is built by a small but mighty team of real people who work hard to ensure you can take control of this end of life stuff.

We want to make a difference

Our co-founders set up after they all suffered personal loss. We want to make such difficult times easier to cope with.

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