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How to have that conversation about death

How to have that conversation about death Many people in the UK die without having made a will or having talked about what they want to happen after they die. Yet, a tactful conversation can help sort out any concerns you have with your health, the next phase of your life and what affairs you […]

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Ashes scattering ceremony inspiration

Ashes scattering It might seem an ashes scattering ceremony is ripe for things to go wrong. Prone to misadventure, the ceremony will need to contend with not only the elements but physics, too. While calculating the current trajectory of the gulf stream and the angle of your scattering hand can be effective, you may also […]

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How to celebrate like the dead

How to celebrate like the dead During the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico and other countries within Central and South America, there’s an emphasis on the sumptuous and the sensual. Drinks offerings, incense and candles are all provided for the dead. Drinks are placed on makeshift altars, to quench the dead’s thirst before […]

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What is organ donation?

What’s there to know about organ donation? You might think of someone who’s died as a useless lump of nerve endings who won’t help you with tax returns anymore. But, up to 50 people can benefit from the tissue donated by just one person. Whether you’re interested in organ donation but put off by whole […]

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Death in other cultures

Death in other cultures By taking a look at the funeral practices of different cultures, it soon becomes clear that there’s no definitive way to commemorate a death. Our own fixed funeral traditions, religious or not, are only as significant as those popular in other countries or even the next county.  It was with the […]

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What to do after someone dies

What to do when someone dies It can be difficult to keep on top of the practical side of death. When someone dies, there are certain steps to follow and while a death needs to be registered, there are other documents that need tackling first. Whether it’s the apparently endless paperwork or you’re feeling overwhelmed […]

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