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Not-for-profit funerals

Not-for-profit funerals This year (February 2018), the UK’s first not-for-profit funeral home opened in Glasgow. While it’s not everyone’s idea of a radical utopia, we’ve already got housing, childcare and sustainable business cooperatives – what’s to stop us from rallying like-minded people to take care of our funerals? Not to be confused with the well-known […]

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How art dealt with death

How art dealt with death Death is one of the most common, enduring and inevitable themes in art, the most trusted muse and one hell of a subject for symbolism. The artistic practice of memento mori – ‘reminder of death’ – has made its way through the centuries in a variety of different ways. Here’s some art […]

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How will technology change healthcare?

How will technology change healthcare? With Apple recently announcing its move into the healthcare industry by creating its own primary care health clinics called AC Wellness, where staff will get free healthcare in return for their data being used to test healthcare technologies, the company joins the likes of Amazon in the race to make […]

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Dying in Hospital

Dying in Hospital While a hospital is the place in which most of us will die, a Macmillan Cancer Support survey carried out in 2017 reported that only 1% of cancer patients preferred to die in a hospital. Some professionals have spoken out against dying in hospital without reason, too. Our stance towards dying in hospital changes […]

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Can you take bereavement leave?

Can you take bereavement leave? A recent survey into the practice around bereavement leave in the UK showed that almost all employers involved offered some kind of bereavement leave to employees. But he nature of bereavement leave is quite hard to pin down. While the government says that workers are entitled to a “reasonable” amount […]

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A brief history of the urn

Where there is cremation, there are urns. Urns have been prolific throughout history as symbols for death, be in practically or metaphorically. The history of the urn is as rich and varied as the people within them. When talking about urns, its impossible not to mention cremation, let alone our good friend Dr Price, who lit the […]

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