How does VR help dying people?

How does VR help dying people? Virtual reality has been developing for decades, but it’s beginning to be harnessed in areas of life other than seaside town arcades and cinema multiplexes. Within end of life care, there’s been a move towards using VR to make the dying process a little more forgiving and fulfilling. What […]

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Top 5 weirdest coffin inventions

Top 5 Weirdest Coffin Inventions It isn’t just a stereotype that the Victorians (and a good deal of their predecessors) were obsessed with death. As well as ritualising it and dressing it up, past mourners were also great at reinventing it. We take a look at the inventions within the coffin and burial world that […]

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Modern death rituals

Modern death rituals You don’t go to church, but you religiously eat the same cereal every morning. You don’t believe in a higher being, but you find yourself crossing your fingers when you need some good luck on your side. So when it comes to death, does a little ritual help? Here we look at […]

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What is dark tourism?

What is dark tourism? Dark tourism involves visiting a country or site that is associated with suffering, violence and death. It’s a term that can be applied to witnessing a historical fact, a fun exhibition about death masks through to consuming a culture’s tragedy as if it were just another box to tick on your […]

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How is retirement changing?

How is retirement changing? We’re not just living longer, we’re also expected to work for longer. But will the traditional notion of retirement – putting your feet up at a beach in Spain, attending to your allotment and making painfully bad style choices, all the while receiving a steady income from the state – disappear […]

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