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Planning for an AI Afterlife

Planning for an AI afterlife So, you want to become a virtual person and upload your brain on to a supercomputer. Great – welcome to your ‘digital’ immortality. If you’re into keeping up with the latest news coming out of Silicon Valley or you’ve just been binge watching the latest Black Mirror series, here’s a […]

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Going Green

Planning an eco-friendly funeral Like solar panels and succulent house plants, making sure your funeral will be kind on the environment is just another lifestyle choice that’s gaining popularity. But even if we’d like to, due to the law in the UK, we can’t all be wrapped up in a biodegradable sheet and tossed on […]

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The social labyrinth of the Japanese Funeral

The Japanese funeral incorporates a subtle blend of religion, tradition, ritual and geography. To an outsider, the perplexing rituals may seem purposely filled with hurdles, trying to catch you out. But on closer inspection, it is a well thought out and refined practice. Most funerals (Ososhiki) in Japan are performed in a Buddhist-style. Regardless of […]

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Your digital death legacy

Your digital death legacy We’ve all got heaps of online stuff. Though, it isn’t usual that we’re able to count this stuff or put it safely away in a locked box. From your Kindle downloads to your photo uploads on Facebook, what we keep and hoard online is often the stuff that is most important […]

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What happens when you die in prison?

Many people believe that prisoners do not get the same death-rights as someone who isn’t in custody. While it is an area that heavily depends on circumstance, knowing what will happen in the lead up to a death and what can and can’t occur to give you the knowledge to do the porridge. Where can […]

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What is a body farm?

What is a body farm? Coming to a field near you – dead bodies, rotting among the cabbages. At least, that’s the image which first comes to mind when hearing the term ‘body farm’. While you can currently only find them in the US and Australia, the body farm debate in the UK is heating […]

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